Holiday Time...

I do like my holidays, day trips and favourite local roads, sometimes I even take a camera. Here's why I'll never make my fortune as a photographer...

Having said that, I've been arsing about with high dynamic range photos recently and have to say I'm quite pleased with the results. There's some motorbike ones on some of the pages below, there's more here, bigger and sharper, with music to boot. And not entirely motorcycle related. May take a little time to download, but well worth the wait!

Loire, Vosges and Wales 2000 (holiday snaps from three countries)

Wheelie School 2001 (getting it up in Wiltshire!)

Spain June 2000, French Volcanos 2002 (my first taste of Spain plus central France with a crowd)

Austria 2001 (TVAM crew, wonderful views, loads of food)

European Dash 2004 (lots of text here too)

Spain and France 2006 (one crash, two breakdowns and the mosque at Cordoba)

Spain and France 2007 (Pyrenees, Alps and the Gorge de Verdun)

Scandinavia 2008 (eight countries in ten days with the Hotel Dalen to boot)

Oliver's Mount 2008 (road racing up close)

Beaulieu Museum 2009 (you'll never have seen an Arial Square Four like this)

Spain and Portugal 2009 (Sagres, Caminos and Santiago de Compostela)

Kempton Autojumble 2009 (stunning collection of old bike junk)

Sammy Miller Museum 2009 (stunning collection of old bikes, worth it just to see the Verdel - aka the flying starfish)

Wootton Bassett Afghan Heroes 2010 (big sky and lots of bikes)

Four Horseshoes meet 2010 (check out the contrasting Commandos)

Fleet Lions Rally 2010 (old bikes galore, most of which arrive under their own steam)

Spain 2010 (Roman bridge and rapid roads)

Kop Hill Climb 2010 (blown Bentley, steep hill and Cordon Bleu Bugatti)

Brooklands Museum 2010 (Brough Superiors and a Sopwith Camel, all of which fly)

National Motorcycle Museum 2011 (definitive selection of Brit iron plus prototypes that maybe could have saved the industry)

Bath and West Autojumble 2011 (another selection of bike stuff someone must want)

The Phoenix New Years Meet 2012 (my regular local meeting for interesting machinery)

Spain 2013 (Tarifa revisited and the best artichokes ever)

Dr B's Custom Show 2013 (Custom engineering for a good cause)

Chopper Club Show 2013 (More customs and a surprise, errr, prize for my Bonneville)

Popham Mega Meet 2013 (Lots of jumble plus a fair few bikes)

Peru 2013 (Llamas, guinea pigs and amazing roads)

Fleet Lions 2014 (Lovely weather and an oval pistoned Honda)

Bikeshed MCC Show 2014 (Beautiful new-wave customs)

Haynes Motor Museum 2014 (A lot of motors, well presented)

MCN Show 2015 (Most of the new stuff, but customs rule)

France and Spain 2015 (A weekend chez Flash, then a Cathar Country tour)

Bikeshed MCC Show 2015 (More cut down customs)

Cotswold Motor Museum 2015 (a wonderful collection of motoring memorabilia)

If you're thinking of doing a spot of motorbike touring don't miss Thor Sųrarse's wealth of experience and helpful touring tips. And if you're going abroad, check out the Foreign phrase book. - get into trouble and enjoy the natives' laughter while they sort you out!