Day Tripping...

Sammy Miller's, 2009
Sammy Miller Museum. At least 300 old motorcycles, and almost all in running condition, an achievement in itself as many of the bikes are early 20th century one-offs, so no manuals or spares. Not expensive to get into and you get up close and personal to all the bikes, plus a lot of memorabilia... and Sammy's wall of trophies - this guy won more prizes than you can shake a stick at, and he's still going strong. Allow at least an afternoon to do it justice. Here are a few of my favourites.
PS. After putting up this page I got a note about Sammy and Ducatis. If you look closely at the Ducati Elite picture, you'll see in the background, top right, part of a sequence of photos on the wall. It shows Sammy on the parade lap before the 2008 Senior TT, throwing Bob Hartmann's bevelhead 900SS off a cliff! I kid you not - Sammy was saved by a gorse bush and you can see the full sequence here. Story is that Sammy recovered the bike and restored it for Bob, and in the process fell for Ducatis and went out and bought the Elite (thanks to Ian Ellison for the story and original link).