Day Tripping...

Phoenix, New Year's Day 2012

The Phoenix is one of my local pubs with a long history of motorsport connections (the Vintage Sports-Car club was founded here in 1934 and various bits of ephemera lurk inside, including a speeding ticket issued in 1896 for exceeding the 2mph limit). Every New Year's day their tradition is honoured with a free for all vehicle meet. It's wonderful - the pub is on the A30 and from about 11:00am until mid afternoon the road is slowed to a crawl as interesting stuff old and new spills out of the pub car park and up and down the road for at least half a mile in either direction. As far as I know no-one actually organises it, people just come, and have been doing so for many years and many different landlords, who provide bacon rolls, burgers and soup.

As well as stuff parked up and on display there are drive bys of everything from American muscle cars to sweet looking Ferraris. A few bikes turn up, but this is mostly a car themed event, brilliant atmosphere, and not a whiff of trouble, or police, or council jobsworths to be seen. Marvellous.