Just connect (E M Forster)
Know your enemy... Here's the gen on speedtraps, here's why you should NEVER talk to the police!
Whatever happened to the British bike industry? Its demise may not have been ironic but this site more than makes up for that
Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle web index - brilliant jump off point for world wide bike based Web stuff
Kevin Ash's Memorial - sadly died in 2013 at a BMW launch, his intelligent comment will be missed
Flash tours. Biking weekends in the heart of France with fine food and barking banter
Want to improve your riding? I'm biased, but the Institute of Advanced Motorists does give the most cost effective advanced training (it's free!)
Worried that UK biking's going down the tubes? Either join the masses and do nothing but moan, or join MAG - they actually get off their arses to lobby for us, life membership is a snip... just do it!

Another good touring tales site, courtesy of Martin Ebdon

Rockerbox - Farnham's premier Triumph dealer! Everything you need for your pre-Hinckley Triumph, from a bolt to a rebuild
WM Snells - my local Ducati dealer. Can't recommend them highly enough - excellent service, reasonable prices, very friendly
Richard Harris's Ducati info site - fun read, informative too
Got a CRM250? Here's the font of all CRM knowledge
And finally - world on top of you rather then vice versa? Can't relax, need to chill, but can't ride the bike? You need a bit of Zen you do... Ho ho!