Day Tripping...

Bikeshed Show, May 2015

More bikes this year, some 150 apparently, in the same Tobacco Dock venue and very good it was too. The usual collection of dinky boxer BMWs and Moto Guzzies was there, joined this year by a phalanx of Ducati Scramblers - predictable, I guess given the 'hipster' demographic Ducati appears to be targetting.

Still a fair bit of old stuff too, but it seemed to me not as many cut down 'cooking' Japs as last year, though what was there was superb - in particular First Born, 1978 Honda 550, was outstanding. Amongst the more old and unusual stuff, customised in ways that would doubtless annoy the purists, the stand outs for me were the 1930's methanol powered Peugeot P50T -a cool 100cc OHV radial aero engine (only the second radial engined bike I've ever seen), and an oh so delicate Francis Barnett 150cc Plover - exquisite.

Reasonably priced - £15 for a weekend ticket, but a fair bit of merchandising going on with some extortionally priced gear - £50 for a beanie anyone? Not impressed, however a much easier journey up this time - hadn't realised just how close to the Tower of London the venue is, train and tube took less than 90 mins and made a stroll around the smoke a lot more convenient and comfortable than it would have been in leathers. Great day out!