Silence moves faster when it's going backwards (Jean Cocteau)

The bikes the bikes...

I've been riding now for rather longer than I care to remember. In chronological order I've owned the following:

Mobylette 50cc moped (scrapped)

BSA Bantam 175 (traded)

BSA Lightning 650 (stolen)

Kawasaki KE125 (blown up)

Honda 400/4 (sold)

Triumph Bonneville 750 (still got it)

Laverda Mirage (smashed, sold and rebuilt)

Ducati 851 (traded)

Triumph Trophy 900 (sold)

Ducati ST4 (traded)

Yamaha R1 (sold)

Ducati ST4s (traded)

Ducati ST4s ABS (still got it)

Honda CRM 250 (sold)


And I ride them on my favourite local roads...