There's no such thing as the avant-garde, just the people a bit behind. (Anon)

Not saying I'm in the avant-garde, just that I'm only occasionally a bit behind (usually after a more disconcerting wobble than usual...)

Welcome to my website! A labour of love dedicated to my bikes and my biking, with a few of the lessons I've learnt scattered around it.

I ride in the UK and Europe, have been riding since 197something, longest time off a bike since then - six weeks, due to a close encounter with a Ford Transit (see Bikes, Laverda for gory details).

There's also less traumatic stuff, like my other motorbikes, my motorbike holidays, plus various tips on how to communicate with foreigners, top touring tips (err, not), and how to sound smug. And, if you're feeling arty and not in a biking mood, here's a slideshow of my prettier pics. OK, some bikes... but the music's nice too!

Have fun!

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